Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

ASHRAE Chapter 02

Custom-engineered ammonia (R-717) refrigeration systems often have design conditions that span a wide range of evaporating and condensing temperatures. Examples are a food freezing plant operating from 10 to -45°C; a candy storage requiring 15°C db with precise humidity control; a beef chill room at -2 to -1°C with high humidity; a distribution warehouse requiring multiple temperatures for storing ice cream, frozen food, meat, and produce and for docks; and a chemical process requiring multiple temperatures ranging from 15 to -50°C. Ammonia is the refrigerant of choice for many industrial refrigeration systems.

The figures in this chapter are for illustrative purposes only, and may not show all the required elements (e.g., valves). For safety and minimum design criteria for ammonia systems, refer to ASHRAE Standard 15, IIAR Bulletin 109, IIAR Standard 2, and applicable state and local codes.