Energy Saving LED Lights for Cold Store Applications

Design, Supply, Install, Commission, and Support For Your Refrigeration Plant

DMGI Energy Saving LED Lights can be wired directly with 170-240V AC source, deploying green energy conservation and environmentally beneficial high efficiency American and European LED Technology as a light source for Cold Rooms or Cold Stores Applications.

Durable & Efficient Design

Our unique control system ensures stability of LED Lights connected in groups and make it feasible for long term operational use. The lamp holder outer shell uses aluminum alloy compression casting with matching reflective cup surfaces in aluminum-plating membrane, which reduces astigmatism and improves brightness that are in accordance to the Cold Storage Warehousing Safety Requirements and Work Safety Standards.

Wide Range Of Operating Temperatures

-35degC to +40degC with higher light efficiency at lower end of the temperature range

Safe Operating Voltage

Between 24 to 45 Volts DC

Extremely Long Service Life Of More Than 30K Hours

Equivalent to 10years at 8 hours/day operation

Commonly Available Input Voltage Rating

At 170 to 240 Volts AC / 50-60Hz / 1Phase

Fast ON/OFF switching

Convenient for both manual and automatic controls

Designed For Wide Range Of Rooms

Cold rooms heights of 2-4m, 3-5m, 4-6m, 6-8m and 8-10m

LED Lights That Shines

The design of our LED Lights are in chiropteran-shaped, giving a long projection distance, with a high usage factor. The diaphanous surface are with good light-admitting properties and are made of high quality toughened plastic-glass, all other components are in stainless steel material, it is dust-proof, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

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